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As I have mentioned, I have wanted to go back and professionally edit my paperbacks for a long time. So I have started by professionally editing & re-issuing the deluxe paperback version of my first novel, Forever Fifteen. If you have bought Forever Fifteen as a Kindle ebook, it is now enrolled in Amazon’s program called Kindle Matchbook where the ebook price is lowered ($2.99 or less) if you bought the hard copy.

Shadeylight, my Twilight/ 50 Shades of Grey Spoof is Here

50 shades of grey twilight parody novel

Shadeylight: Vella the Virgin Vegan Vampire will be FREE until the end of March 2015.


Shadeylight will be coming to Nook (Barnes & Noble) around mid-April 2015.

So you might have wondered what I have been up to since finishing Forever Fifteen… well, I decided to write a parody novella of both Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey called Shadeylight: Vella the Virgin Vegan Vampire.

My spoof ties together both Twilight and Fifty Shades with a character named Vella Vaughan, a ditzy but beautiful chestnut haired self-described “petite former fashion model and tomboy” who moves to Sharts, a mall-infested suburb of Chicago, Illinois.  Vella meets Xavier Cash, the dashing CEO of Cash Money Group Enterprise Holdings, an obsessive part-unicorn billionaire with a nasty meat-eating habit and severe mommy issues.  Their torrid romance begins after Xavier rescues Vella from her own Ford Pinto, though he is never sure of Vella’s loyalty because of the proximity of resident Sharts hotties Jean-Pierre La Fine and Juan Changa de la Mer.

I poke a bit of fun at my own vamp series, Forever Fifteen too in the midst of all the “oh mys”, “holy Moses”, lip-chewing, weird lapses into British slang, and murmuring.

In short, I have found neither the Twilight nor the 50 Shades sagas have agreed with me after having time to digest them.  Something about them begged me to take the virgin vegetarian vampire concept to its utmost limits.  And I found a way to include everything in the parody from drag queens to leprechauns.


What do you think would happen if two of the worst English language books ever written mated and had a lovechild?

From the same sludgy scorpion morass of “inspiration” that brought you Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey comes Shadeylight: Vella the Virgin Vegan Vampire, the scintillating story of a girl who only wants to understand the workings of her no-no without actually touching it or looking at it.

Meet Vella Vaughan, hottie coed at Sharts Community College, the innocent, young, chestnut-haired, virgin sweet dreams are made of. When tri-color haired billionaire and concert pianist Xavier Cash sashays into her life, he sweeps her into a world of sexual intrigue that endangers her chances of wearing magical long underwear on her wedding night.

Xavier quickly finds Vella is not your average Mary Sue. Along with her tractor-beam magnetism (despite the fact she is an antisocial, narcissistic klutz with at least three personalities, including a nymphomaniac, bukkake-porn watching inner goddess and a militant vegan subconscious) Vella has her own vampiric secrets to hide.

Who will win the right to mate with our beautiful, vacuous heroine? Will it be Jean-Pierre La Fine, chesty three-wolf tattoed French-reservation dweller? Will it be Juan Changa del Mar, gorgeous, shape-shifting Hispanican art student? Or will it be Xavier Cash, capitalist oligarch one-percenter with rabid mommy-issues and a penchant for rapey BDSM?

Shadeylight’s ample features include:

-Heaving bosoms and straining zippers!
-Sparkling humanoid wussy men!
-Offensive ethnic and racial stereotypes!
-Grammatical errors!
-Hot guys making out with each other!
-Random lapses into British dialects!
-A fast food mascot clown with a bulge!
-Marauding bacon trolls!

Now with 78% less pedophilia than the originals, Shadeylight is the answer to badly written, first person narratives about self-obsessed, skinny white girls who witlessly discard every achievement won for them by feminists past and present. Read it now, lest productive thoughts and actual good uses of your time start getting in the way!

The Question: The Beginning of A Series of Forever Fifteen Short Stories

thequestionNEW Forever Fifteen Short Story! Just for you FF Fans who are sad with the publication of FF3 that the series is “complete”… hello, in my world, NOTHING is ever complete!

Here is the first of a planned series of short stories told from the point of view of Forever Fifteen’s characters. This first one belongs to teenaged John Diedermayer, shortly before he introduces himself to Lucy for the first time. It is called “The Question”.

Click HERE to read The Question

Forever Fifteen III: Liberation is now available for Kindle and Nook


I feel as if I have just had a baby! My sixth novel-baby, technically. The third sequel and finale to the Forever Fifteen series, Forever Fifteen III: Liberation, is now live on Amazon Kindle.

This novel is the third and final book in the Lucia Alberti Trilogy, a series it took me a decade to complete since writing my first novel, Forever Fifteen, in an old country house in a series of handwritten notebooks. I’m celebrating today, this has been a big personal milestone for me.

Forever Fifteen 3 for Kindle

Forever Fifteen for Nook

My Amazon book page

Forever Fifteen III (Sequel) Sneak Peek!


I have been working steadily on Forever Fifteen III: Liberation, the third and last installment in the FF series. I know everyone is asking “What’s the delay?” and without giving too many spoilers, I can say I just want it to be right and it has taken me a while to work out all the plot points.

In Forever Fifteen III, we find Lucy living with John, who is all grown up. Just as John has resolved to be on his own as a lonely lawyer, Lucy comes back into his life and their romance blooms anew. There is trouble though because John is anything but a Natural Born Killer. He loves Lucy and yet cannot ever reconcile with what they have to do to survive.

Without giving too much away, I’ll reveal that Sebastian comes back into Lucy’s life at this point with a vengeance. Did you think he would let her go without a fight?

I am shooting to get it done by the end of summer and technically I’m on Draft 3 right now with 2 more drafts to go.

Here is a scene from the third book. Visit for a DIFFERENT SCENE from FF3. Happy previewing!

The apartment was mellow and inviting.

“It’s good to be back.” Lucy said as awkwardness stole over the end of her sentence. John said nothing as he walked past her, throwing his briefcase in a corner.

“Are you angry, John?”


“John, answer me. I know how you’re feeling. Come on.”

“I’m not angry at you, Lucy. And you don’t know how I’m feeling by looking at my face. You’re just going to have to deal with the fact you don’t know me very well, got it?”

Lucy felt like she had been slapped. “I see.”

Upon seeing Lucy’s distress, John went to her and took her in his arms. Tears sprang to Lucy’s eyes as she grasped her beloved. “Look, Lucy, I thought I would be ready. I wasn’t. Back when I was in my twenties, I watched movies; I read books. I went through scenarios in my head constantly where I was killing and eating people for their blood. I watched too many episodes of CSI. I always thought of you. I’ll be okay. It was worth it for you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Lucy. I think I’m going through some post-traumatic stress is all. I’ve never broken an entering before, let alone what we did afterward. I wasn’t a wild teenager — hell, you know that, you were there. Believe me, I tried to put myself in the place of a heartbroken parent whose child Alan Downs scarred for life, but when push came to shove, he was just another human being. I made a big mistake. I looked in his eyes.”

Lucy closed her eyes. “So true. Even the most horrible of murderers, child molesters, rapists, or abusers can change. That’s what always tortures me. Alan Downs might have changed someday. Sure, it wasn’t likely, but then we didn’t give him a chance at redemption, now did we?”

“That DVD he had. I don’t know if such a person can be rehabbed. Still, if there was any way we could avoid doing what we did in the way we did, I would.”

“That’s why I love you so much, John. I knew you wouldn’t have an easy time of murder. I knew you would see it for what it was, which is rather unique in a vampire, or at least the few I have met.”

“Me, a vampire. Weird. I’ve called people psychic vampires before. Usually it was meant as an insult.”

“Psychic vampire? If only it were so easy! I would love that, to be an exclusively psychic vampire.”

“We could assault people with death rays from our minds.” John said as he pressed his thumb into Lucy’s forehead.

“Think of how easy that would be! We’d never have to worry about being caught.”

Lucy began to kiss John. He responded, weakly at first. Lucy pressed her lips against John’s stubbly cheek, enjoying the feeling of his hot breath so close to her ear. John’s movements became frenzied as he stripped Lucy of her shirt and pants, his hand tugging at her panties. Lucy’s skin became deliciously electrified as John pulled his shirt off. Any mourning over John’s young adulthood she had missed out on was replaced with a desperate longing for his fully matured body. She ground her hips against him, pulling him hungrily to her mouth. John looked down at himself as he freed his erect member from the crisp blue jeans he had worn to the occasion of his first murder.

“Come to bed, old man.” Lucy said as she disappeared into John’s darkened bedroom.

John followed her, shedding his pants at the doorway.

Lucy found John in the dark. She groped him and kneaded at his sweet flesh until she could take it no longer. John lay on his back, putting his arms behind his head, offering himself. Lucy climbed on top of him and he thrust into her body, causing a powerful ripple of sensation that made her cry out. She pinned John’s arms with her hands as their chests touched, her hips moving of their own accord as she was filled with the heaviness of his penis. A long, torturous orgasm tickled its way out of her base, gripping her like a threading vine as it worked its way through her. She looked down upon his wonderful face, the face she had longed for ever since first taking real notice of it when he decided to look her way in high school. Her legs spasmed as the shock of orgasm poured through her. John pushed violently, his own body buckling with bliss as his cock stiffened and pulsed. John was hit by his own torrent of ecstasy. She wrapped her legs around him as he shoved into her, gradually slowing from jerks to a slow, coursing wave. They lay together, entirely happy as the apartment loomed around them in silent darkness.”

“Isn’t it nice to be able to do it without worrying about my parents or brother coming home?”

Lucy smiled. “Yes. Not as kinky though.”

Re-issue of The Butterfly Collector

The Butterfly Collector eBook is currently available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AllRomance.  AllRomance has an HTML version for those without eReaders like Nook or Kindle.

The Butterfly Collector, a short story by Kimberly Steele: Winner of Horror Addicts Best in Blood Award.

Steve is an inconspicuous vampire posing as a nineteen year old college student. He likes to brutally murder his typically young, virgin, female victims after seducing them and getting them to pledge their undying love as he laughs at them inwardly. For Steve is no ordinary vampire – he coldly feasts upon the souls of his victims as well as their bodies.

Steve meets an unusual college co-ed, a bright Chinese American woman named Jenny.

Though she’s not the most beautiful or alluring woman he’s ever seduced, Jenny is precocious and compelling. She also has the oddest hobby — she collects butterflies.

Special Video Message to Forever Fifteen Fans from Kimberly Steele

Thanks Forever Fifteen fans for given me reasons to spring out of bed in the morning with your sweet emails and awesome reviews! I have taken a break from writing 1000 words a day on Forever Fifteen so I can finish layout and gruntwork on my ILoveMusicTheory Guitar Method series. Thanks for your patience!! In the meantime, please consider reading River’s Heart, I think if you liked Forever Fifteen, you’ll find a lot to like in it.

River’s Heart is about Ann Rivers, a vampire perpetually stuck at age 13 after bearing witness to the destruction of her village and her people when white settlers take over her homeland in late 18th century Illinois. We follow Ann to her modern day life with the Yardie family, where she is a foster child among religious zealots. The Yardies barely cling to their over-mortgaged mansion in suburbia while Ann desperately tries to hide her grisly meals: a homeless man who frequents the Yardies in-home church services, several would-be child molesters at an abandoned cabin in a nearby, less well-to-do suburb. The strained atmosphere of the Yardie’s palatial home is worsened by a foster-father denying his gay sexual-orientation under a thick veneer of Christian armor, a foster mother with unnatural appetites, and a foster sister who is slowly starving herself to death. Ann makes unlikely friends and falls in love with her teenage foster brother Tyler in her tense environment. Ann’s murderous Rage and bittersweet memories of her old Indian village life begin to catch up with her as bullies prey on her newfound friends. She begins to cross the line, destroying the bullies who torment her and her friends. As the tenuous family life of the Yardies begins to disintegrate, Ann struggles to suppress her inner monster. However, not all monsters come with the predicament of vampirism…

Again, thanks for your constant support of my indie writing career, your heartwarming emails, and all of the “Twilight sucks compared to you” quips, Forever Fifteen fans are the light of my life.

Attention Vampire Lovers: My 5th novel, River’s Heart, is now available for Kindle and ePub

If you enjoyed Forever Fifteen: River’s Heart is a vampire story. It’s similar to Forever Fifteen with its teenage female vampire protagonist, but there are differences. Ann, the vampire, is frozen at 13. Her background is Native American and she is born somewhere near the year 1790. She’s a foster child, like Lucy, except she has chosen mostly to survive in the woods rather than frequent foster homes as Lucy chose to do.


Whew! It has been a long journey, River’s Heart is over 300,000 words. Thanks to Marie Wilson Krieger for helping edit and proofread.


Here’s my official book description:
From the author who brought you Forever Fifteen: Ann is a vampire. She has been thirteen ever since the period when her people, a Native American tribe of the Upper Mississippi, were brutally wiped off the planet by white settlers in the dawning years of the nineteenth century.


Ann learns how profound her appreciation is for her old adoptive Native family when she falls in with a new foster one in the form of the Yardies, a brood headed by WASP patriarch Nathan, who loves Christ almost as much as he hates gays.


Ann battles her monumental Rage in the strained environment of the Yardie’s palatial McMansion while trying to survive her teenage crush on the Yardie’s sweet golden-boy son, Tyler. On the surface, she’s an ideal student trying not to make waves in a middle school bought and paid for by the families of bullies. Underneath, she is conflicted, sorrowful, and capable of anger like few have ever known.


Can she keep her Rage in check as the Yardie family disintegrates under the massive weight of its own hypocrisy?

only $2.99

River’s Heart for Kindle
River’s Heart for Nook
River’s Heart at OmniLit ePub and Mobi formats


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