10590509_10152220313382382_2341797723852004428_nForever Fifteen III: Liberation is the third book and final sequel of The Lucia Alberti Trilogy. In Forever Fifteen III, Lucy and John are back together, living in his apartment in New York. Their happiness is shadowed by John’s new-vampire status. John’s conscience does not rest easy when it comes time to procure and eat human victims. Lucy wonders if she made the right choice in turning her true love as she battles to stay ahead of the police. Meanwhile, Sebastian is watching and waiting. Did you think he’d give Lucy up without a fight? Esther and Martin also come back into Lucy’s life. Find out the fate of these popular characters in the exciting conclusion of Forever Fifteen.



Forever Fifteen, my first novel, was completed in 2004.  In 2005, I released it as the first vampire audiobook on the internet.  You can get it in its free forms from and many, many, others.

The Story: Lucy Albert is not your ordinary maladjusted suburban adolescent. Born into the era of the Black Plague in medieval Italy, Lucy is chosen as a mate by the sinister vampire Sebastianus against her will. Struggling to survive in a modern world she cannot identify with, Lucy isn’t looking for attention.

As of 2012, the Forever Fifteen free audiobook & podcast has been downloaded over 900,000 times.

You can get Forever Fifteen free in many forms, however, it is also available on Kindle.

The deluxe print edition of Forever Fifteen is available through CreateSpace.


Forever Fifteen II: Burial is the sequel to Forever Fifteen.  After killing the Vorsacks, Lucy leaves Princeton Hills and the Beck house forever to run away with Sebastian.  At first, Lucy’s old mate and sire seems to have picked up a few more human traits and Lucy wonders if he’s essentially getting soft in his old age.  Sebastian whisks Lucy off to Europe.  Lucy has not been back to the Old Country since leaving it for America on a galley ship in the 16th century.  Lucy is enchanted with her old home and begins to feel truly alive and blessed–she decides to shed her teenage persona altogether for a more grown-up, collegiate identity.  As much as Lucy likes her newfound adulthood, she cannot forget John and obsesses over him constantly.  When Lucy runs into her old high school chum in Rome, her musician/admirer Martin Chen, she thinks it is by accident.  Not long after, Sebastian abducts Martin and turns him into a vampire.  Why?  Sebastian has assumed all along that Martin, not John, was Lucy’s high school lover-boy.  Martin and Lucy make the mistake of drinking each other’s blood, which has dire consequences especially for Lucy in her ceaseless efforts to minimize the destruction a vampire inevitably causes.  Sebastian turns out to be not such a nice guy after all (you’re all SHOCKED, right?) as Martin and Lucy share new experiences together with a few new vampire characters thrown into the mix for good measure.

Forever Fifteen II: Burial is available for Amazon Kindle for $5.99 and as a deluxe paperback from CreateSpace for $15.15.  $15.15, get it, ha ha?  Yeah, my sense of humor… I’m working on it.

River's Heart

River’s Heart is about Ann Rivers, a vampire perpetually stuck at age 13 after bearing witness to the destruction of her village and her people when white settlers take over her homeland in late 18th century Illinois.  We follow Ann to her modern day life with the Yardie family, where she is a foster child among religious zealots.   The Yardies barely cling to their over-mortgaged mansion in suburbia while Ann desperately tries to hide her grisly meals: a homeless man who frequents the Yardies in-home church services, several would-be child molesters at an abandoned cabin in a nearby, less well-to-do suburb.  The strained atmosphere of the Yardie’s palatial home is worsened by a foster-father denying his gay sexual-orientation under a thick veneer of Christian armor, a foster mother with unnatural appetites, and a foster sister who is slowly starving herself to death.  Ann makes unlikely friends and falls in love with her teenage foster brother Tyler in her tense environment.  Ann’s murderous Rage and bittersweet memories of her old Indian village life begin to catch up with her as bullies prey on her newfound friends.  She begins to cross the line, destroying the bullies who torment her and her friends.  As the tenuous family life of the Yardies begins to disintegrate, Ann struggles to suppress her inner monster.  However, not all monsters come with the predicament of vampirism…

River’s Heart is available for Kindle, Nook, and at OmniLit eBooks (other formats) for $2.99.



Honey is an erotic m/m gay novella about a lonely Chicago guy named Sam who rescues an angel who falls to Earth, saving him from getting killed by a CTA bus during a snowstorm.  Sam takes homeless, seemingly crazy (yet incredibly gorgeous) Daniel into his modest Edgewater apartment.  After finding a gold coin stuck in his shoe, Sam generously uses the money to feed and clothe Daniel.
Though Daniel expresses concrete wishes to bed Sam, Sam holds off out of human decency.  Sam is one year out of a bad breakup and his ex returns to haunt him, creating a bizarre love triangle as Daniel begins to break down Sam’s defenses.
If you like whimsical, supernatural erotic romance, you’ll love Honey.
40,000 words.
Honey is available for Kindle, Nook, and at AllRomance eBooks for $3.99.




Money is the sequel to Honey.  Ryan, the ex-boyfriend of Sam (protagonist of Honey) is down on his luck and battling alcoholism when he meets the son of Satan, Abraxas Rocale, in a hotel bar.

Money is available for Kindle for $3.99.



The Butterfly Collector has been described as “Madame Butterfly meets American Psycho” and I think that’s fairly accurate.  The Butterfly Collector the story of a vampire named Steve who preys on young Asian-American women while he poses as a Joe Average college student.  He meets a young woman named Jenny who has the oddest hobby. She collects butterflies.

The Butterfly Collector won Horror Addicts “Best in Blood” award for Season 3.

The Butterfly Collector eBook is currently available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AllRomance.  AllRomance has an HTML version for those without eReaders like Nook or Kindle.



  1. Lee Ann Abenante says:

    I really really like all of your works! I am somewhat patiently waiting for Forever Fifteen Part 3! Will we be receiving that shortly? I hope I hope I hope? Keep up your wonderful work please? Your brand new fa

    1. Kimberly says:

      Thanks so much Lee Ann! I was just working on Forever Fifteen 3 for a few hours today. Thank YOU for your encouragement and support as I march towards the finish line.

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