Forever Fifteen


Forever Fifteen is my first novel. I started writing it near the time I turned thirty (I was born in 1973) during a very dark, traumatic period of my life. I had never so much as written a short story, but I began writing Forever Fifteen after being inspired by a recurring nightmare. I thought writing down the nightmare in fictional form could possibly help me to get rid of it — and I guess it did, only it was quickly replaced by other recurring nightmares!

I submitted Forever Fifteen to only one publishing house, which rejected it in a matter of weeks. Because I had the recording equipment from my activities as Queenie, I decided to create a free audiobook for the novel instead of seeking out a traditional deal. A paperback book release followed and later on an eBook.

Little did I realize Forever Fifteen would become as popular as it did. As of 2013, the audiobook was downloaded over a million times from various sources.

I would describe Forever Fifteen as a paranormal romance, like Twilight with a female protagonist but much more gritty. It is the story of Lucy Alberti, a girl who gets pregnant at age 15 after being sold in marriage to a Florentine diplomat in the mid-fourteenth century. The Black Death strikes and she loses her baby. An ancient vampire, Sebastian, takes an interest in her and sires her. When we meet Lucy in Forever Fifteen, she is barely surviving in high school as a foster child in the year 1982. She falls in love with a fellow teenager, a bright fellow student named John Diedermayer.

You can download Forever Fifteen from many, many places, including a 99 cent or free ebook version. is the central hub where you’ll find links to all the versions out there.

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