Attention Vampire Lovers: My 5th novel, River’s Heart, is now available for Kindle and ePub

If you enjoyed Forever Fifteen: River’s Heart is a vampire story. It’s similar to Forever Fifteen with its teenage female vampire protagonist, but there are differences. Ann, the vampire, is frozen at 13. Her background is Native American and she is born somewhere near the year 1790. She’s a foster child, like Lucy, except she has chosen mostly to survive in the woods rather than frequent foster homes as Lucy chose to do.


Whew! It has been a long journey, River’s Heart is over 300,000 words. Thanks to Marie Wilson Krieger for helping edit and proofread.


Here’s my official book description:
From the author who brought you Forever Fifteen: Ann is a vampire. She has been thirteen ever since the period when her people, a Native American tribe of the Upper Mississippi, were brutally wiped off the planet by white settlers in the dawning years of the nineteenth century.


Ann learns how profound her appreciation is for her old adoptive Native family when she falls in with a new foster one in the form of the Yardies, a brood headed by WASP patriarch Nathan, who loves Christ almost as much as he hates gays.


Ann battles her monumental Rage in the strained environment of the Yardie’s palatial McMansion while trying to survive her teenage crush on the Yardie’s sweet golden-boy son, Tyler. On the surface, she’s an ideal student trying not to make waves in a middle school bought and paid for by the families of bullies. Underneath, she is conflicted, sorrowful, and capable of anger like few have ever known.


Can she keep her Rage in check as the Yardie family disintegrates under the massive weight of its own hypocrisy?

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River’s Heart for Kindle
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River’s Heart at OmniLit ePub and Mobi formats


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