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I'm huge.

The Kim is a creature of rather pathetic and diminutive stature, standing under five feet tall, a height that she claims is average in Japan. She has been the postmodernist’s answer to Emily the Strange since 1973. Naturally black of hair and pale of skin, the Kim is has the night-loving tendencies of a vampire but the culinary preferences of a gorilla, eschewing all animal products including the ever-so-innocuous Cheese family and its diabolical cousin, Ice Cream.

The Kim holds a mysterious attraction for spiteful cats, young children, cows, face-eating butterflies, and wild turkeys and is therefore unable to enjoy long walks in the forest without being attacked.


While awake, the Kim needs to be fed dead plants at intervals of every three hours, preferably in situations where hot tea is provided.

The Kim requires the near-constant companionship of her familiar, a feline of similar coloring named after a 1989 anime film by Hayao Miyazaki called Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Living the Life: I'm doing it right. --Kiki

The Kim, being largely antisocial, is known for turning down party invitations. She can be found in her apartment on most weekend nights with the aforementioned familiar, Kiki. It is not advised to allow your Kim outside after one a.m. as she quickly becomes miserable.


The Kim has far more unnecessary musical training than most circus monkeys. The Kim has invented more than 20,000 original songs, a handful of which are published; the whopping remainder are directed at the unfortunately large ears of her familiar. The Kim is the author of her own illustrated Guitar Method Book. A Piano Method Book is also planned for the distant future. The Kim is very fond of Music Theory and has designed a t-shirt line to raise awareness for Music Theoryphilia.


The Kim, like the small dark Leprechaun she resembles, attracts an inordinate and unexpected amount of luck. Nowhere else is this more highly evidenced than the enormous popularity of her first novel, Forever Fifteen. Released independently as a free audiobook in 2005, Forever Fifteen has an obscene number of wonderful, intelligent, delightfully twisted fans. The Kim tries to maintain a writing schedule of 1000 words a day, an activity about which she tweets, as a form of appeasement to the fanship.

If you would like to interact more with the Kim, you are invited to friend her on Facebook or to ferret her out in any of her many habitats:

Queenie Music Official Site
Forever Fifteen Free Vampire Audiobook
Two Black Haired Girls Blog


  1. Rick Padbury Jr. says:

    I am only several chapters into the wonderful book and have to say I am enjoying it very much. Although I love to read, once in awhile a reader will take me so much further into the story than I could have gotten myself. Kimberly has done this and done it so well I find myself deep in her world. I’m quite glad I waited until fall hit the Chicago area to listen to this amazing story read by this also amazing author and artist…as the cold winds blow and I walk grey streets listening the characters come alive.

    Add to this a background of highly interesting and addicting music Kimberly(Queenie) has supplied us with and you have a complete experience.

    I simply cannot wait to listen through to the end and then have the sequel to look forward to.

    Question…is there a any way to procure an autographed photo??

    Thank you RWP

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Rick! Wow, what an encouraging note! You’ve written just as I finished proofreading my 2nd novel, River’s Heart (also set in the Chi-town suburbs) and handed it over to my first official proofreaders. As for Forever Fifteen, I’ll be putting in 1000 words a day as a goal starting Nov. 1, 2011 until the first sequel is done. As to autographed photos, sure, I’d be happy to send you one (though I am quite surprised anyone ever wants them) just email me. My addy is myfirstname.mylastname @ Thanks again for your words of support.

  2. Amanda says:

    You have a new fan! I just wanted to say I loved Forever Fifteen it surprised me. I almost did not download it because I thought it might be too young for me. I am not an old maid I am only 31 but I was afraid it was for teens. I am an avid reader and an aspiring writer thank you for inspiring me. Your writing style is new and fresh it is like reading two novels in one. I love how young Lucy is but how worldly she is at the same time.
    Thanks again hope to read more of your work soon.

    1. Kimberly says:

      Thanks Amanda! What an encouraging comment! Lucy “grows up” a great deal in Forever Fifteen II: Burial. She realizes that she doesn’t have to pretend she’s a teenager anymore when she goes to live with Sebastian. Breaking out of the mold is very gratifying for her, however, she can’t forget John and remains haunted by him. I will begin writing the third and final book in the Lucia Alberti Trilogy starting November 1st, 2012, 1000 words a day.

  3. Brian says:

    Forever fifteen was the first book I read on the Kindle my children gave me for Christmas…I was instantly hooked and thank you for the free read. I immediately bought and read forever fifteen Burial….once again totally enthralled. At this point I told my oldest daughter about your books…long story short you have two new fans. River’s Heart is an excellent book as well…we are impatiently awaiting more books from you…you keep writing them and we will keep reading them….thanks for all the fun.

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