New erotic romance story, Money, has just hit Amazon’s shelves!


Money, my m/m erotic romance sequel to Honey and part II of the Hearts in Chicago books, is now available for Kindle!

“Long after his ex-boyfriend Sam has moved on, Ryan is down and out in Chicago, deeply in debt as he does his best to recover from a protracted battle with alcoholism. Grieving the loss of his mom and dad, Ryan is going through the motions of life, desperately trying to hang on to a flooded garden apartment as he contemplates the choices that led him down to his current sorry state. One night, Ryan meets a strange, handsome gentleman named Abe in a dark hotel bar. Ryan, bent on punishing himself for all his past misdeeds, won’t allow himself to open up to the advances of his newfound friend after driving him to his bizarre, castle-like residence on 666 North Michigan Avenue. Ryan has never known or loved anyone quite like Abe, son of Lucifer Lucifuge Rocale, otherwise known as Satan!”

In Honey, I played with the idea of a beautiful angel who falls to earth to experience love with a broken-hearted Chicagoan name Sam. In Money, Sam’s jilted ex, Ryan, falls in love with the (devilishly handsome) son of Satan.  40K very steamy words!

Now writing 1000 words a day on Forever Fifteen 3

I’ve been maintaining 1000 words a day as a goal on Forever Fifteen 3 since October 1 and currently have about 35K words written on the third and last book in Lucia Alberti’s story.

Please follow my daily writing progress on Twitter @queeniemusic

In the 3rd book, readers will find out what happens to Lucy and John. You’ll also see more evildoing from Sebastian (surprised? I didn’t think so) and the return of Martin and Esther.

I’m also excited to bring you River’s Heart very soon, my completed 300K word novel about a Forever 13 year old Native American girl vampire as well as Money, the sequel to Honey which will tell Ryan’s story as he falls in love with the son of Satan.

Kimberly Steele book publishing update

This is my current book publishing snapshot:

Forever Fifteen PUBLISHED Forever Fifteen is sold at Kindle, for 99 cents. If you paid $8.99 for the Barnes and Noble version, PLEASE CONTACT ME at the email address to the lower right side of this page. This price is actually a mistake (long, boring story) and wasn’t supposed to be on B&N. Right now I’m in the process of pulling Forever 15 from B&N and starting over with them. The print version of Forever Fifteen is sold exclusively through Lulu. My apologies for versions that show up on Amazon for freaking $27.00 or some nonsense. You can get the big-size paperback book through Lulu for 16.16.

BTW, Forever Fifteen is selling extremely well on Kindle. Just in August, which at the date of this writing is not nearly over yet, I’ve sold about 200 copies just on Kindle (it’s also for sale on AllRomance). I’m starting to receive royalty payments since I started with Kindle Direct Publishing in the beginning of June. They sent me $10 for May and payments of $80 and $150 are forthcoming from what my royalty report says.

Forever Fifteen II: Burial PUBLISHED The Burial eBook is sold at Kindle ONLY until September 15, 2012, when I will arrange to sell it everywhere else in all other formats. Burial is not yet available at B&N or AllRomance. The print version is available for around 15.15 or so from CreateSpace.

Forever Fifteen III UNWRITTEN My plans are to begin writing 1000 words a day on the third and final book in the Forever Fifteen series November 1, 2012. I invite you to follow my writing progress on Twitter @queeniemusic.

Honey PUBLISHED Honey is out on AllRomance and Kindle direct as an eBook only. AllRomance was the first to pay me after I published with them in June – $50 for sales of Honey, my first foray into the world of m/m erotica.

Money UNPUBLISHED Just last week I finished the first draft of Money, the sequel to Honey. The end product totaled about 33,000 words. I plan on releasing Money and Honey as a Createspace print book, basically 2 novellas in the same book. Probably will re-release Honey with a discount if you buy it along with Money. Of course Money will be available as its own ebook.

River’s Heart UNPUBLISHED River’s Heart is a finished book, however, it is still being proofed by my dedicated fan proofreader, Marie Wilson Krieger. She has proofread a bunch of my stuff for free, including my Labyrinth fan fix and Forever Fifteen II: Burial. So far I have only paid her in Cheetos and tourist swag from Chicago, methinks I should come up with a more capital-oriented arrangement, yes?

Books planned for the future: I wrote my own guitar method called the I Love Music Theory Method for Guitar which still needs some refinement before I send it to the printers. I don’t have a schedule on it because right now I just use it with my own students.

After the Forever Fifteen series is done, I plan on diving into a new series called The Dream of Flight about a young American girl who gets sent to a haunted boarding school in remote northern Japan. 3 books are planned for that series, each revolving around a different character.

I want to release a short story anthology at some point called Bedtime Stories for the Criminally Insane. My Horror Addicts award winning story, the Butterfly Collector, will be the centerpiece of this anthology but I want to write a few more for it as well that combine dark sexual themes and horror in the same way as Butterfly Collector.

In the very distant future, I plan on writing a fictional prequel to the Amityville Horror, detailing how that place got so darn haunted.

The Forever Fifteen Sequel is Live on Kindle

Hooray!  The Forever 15 sequel, Forever Fifteen II: Burial, is now available on Kindle.  Soon I will make all the other formats available as well, including .epub, .pdf, audiobook, and print.

And I only made everyone wait 7 years!!  LOL

But wait, you say, I’m dying to read the Forever Fifteen sequel but I don’t have a Kindle!

No problem~

You can download free Kindle reader software for any computer (PC or Mac), smartphone, iPad, etc. right now with Amazon’s Free Reading Apps.

Just email me at kimberly dot steele at comcast dot net.

Please enjoy and don’t forget to leave a review!


Honey (40,000 word novella) is now available on Amazon Kindle!

Buy Honey for $3.99 as an Amazon Kindle book!

Buy Honey Novella by Kimberly Steele for Amazon Kindle

One year after a terrible breakup, Sam has settled into a dreary workaday existence in his tiny Chicago apartment. During a freak snowstorm, Sam comes to the rescue of Daniel, a homeless would-be angel. Sam takes the strange, handsome, childish Daniel into his modest home. The last thing Sam expects to do is fall in love, but sometimes the Goddess has other plans.

I’m very excited about Honey, my new Kindle book, now at Amazon!  Honey is my first gay m/m novella.  It is a supernatural romance about an angel, Daniel, who falls to earth and falls in love with Sam, a normal guy who is still reeling after a bad breakup with his first real love, Ryan.  I hope you have as much fun reading Honey as I did writing it!

UPDATE: Honey is now also available for ePub and other formats at AllRomance eBooks

Honey – My New Novella – Sneak Preview

Honey is now available as a Kindle book for $3.99.

Honey is my new novella that will be released as an eBook later this month. It’s my first gay m/m romance. There’s no horror in Honey, representing a departure from my usual style.

Over a year has passed since Ryan left Sam. Sam has settled into an orderly, mundane Chicago existence, commuting to suburban hell between spending weekends alone. The only thing that keeps Sam from going mad with post-breakup depression and boredom are a series of erotic dreams about a hooded man who comes to him in a mysterious desert setting. During a freak snowstorm, Sam finds himself coming to the rescue of a homeless, seemingly crazy man dancing in the snowy street. After saving barefoot, freezing Daniel from almost being flattened by a CTA bus, Sam has no other choice but to invite Daniel into his tiny studio apartment to ride out the storm. Sam wonders if he has made the right choice as Daniel declares to Sam that he is Hadraniel, Angelic Keeper of the Second Gate of Heaven. Daniel’s got a few other funny notions, such as the one that Jesus (like his new friend Samuel) was a vegan, and that goddesses, not gods, are largely responsible for all that is good in the world. Daniel is devastatingly handsome and makes it clear that he is romantically interested in Sam. Out of decency, Sam refuses to be seduced by Daniel, not wanting to take advantage of Daniel’s apparent instability and naiveté.

Continue reading

Two New Novels Coming this Summer 2012 from Kimberly Steele

I’m putting out two novels (maybe three) this summer.  Look for the Forever Fifteen sequel, Forever Fifteen II: Burial, to hit sometime before July.  Thanks to my fabulous proofreader, American expat Marie Wilson Krieger, the long-awaited Forever Fifteen sequel will be in eBook format very soon and audiobook format shortly thereafter.  I plan on starting a 1000 word a day writing regime on the third Forever Fifteen book starting November 1, 2012.

A surprise novella will also be released very soon, my top secret project, Honey, is 100% complete and now in eBook format.  I’ve been working on covers.  Honey is a highly erotic, 40,000 word m/m romance novella about an angel that comes to Earth.  I’m very excited to share these books with you soon!

UPDATE: Honey is now available as a Kindle book for $3.99.

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