Queenie music featured in a new faerie ballet series

Check out this new storybook ballet video featuring Queenie music as the main soundtrack:

“In chapter one of this ballet fairytale, we meet Isabella – a beautiful child who, more than anything, loves to dance. One day, while dancing in the meadow behind her house, she encounters Oona – a very strange little gypsy girl. Quickly, the two become friends and spend the rest of the afternoon frolicking near the edge of a great wood. But — nothing is as it seems. And — danger lurks nearby.”

Produced by Performing Arts Center of Tallahassee.

YT Author Interview feat. Forever 15 Sequel Excerpt

New! I’ve posted the full interview, including the Forever Fifteen sequel excerpt (Part 3) as a YouTube video.
I know all of you have been waiting patiently for the first Forever Fifteen sequel, a.k.a. what happens to Lucy and John, a.k.a. the second novel in the planned Forever Fifteen trilogy.  In this recent interview with Rikki LaCoste for Kakophonos Internet Radio, I unveiled a sexy excerpt (Part 3 of the Youtube) of the upcoming sequel to Forever Fifteen.  A little spoiler: Martin Chen becomes a vampire!  What can I say about this sequel except that it has a great deal of sex in it?  One would surmise to think the author is very randy though the characters of Forever Fifteen have always written themselves–in other words, blame them, not me– and are part of my broader (undiagnosed) multiple personality disorder.  The sequel is finished as of March 2005, checks in at approximately 90K words. I’m in the process of editing and proofing. I plan on releasing the sequel in Summer 2012, along with River’s Heart. I just might throw a PARTY!

I also did my best to explain “the Kim” to Rikki, a lucid, humorous, and wonderful interviewer.  Warm-hearted, funny, multi-talented people like Rikki are the primary reason I want to move to Canada.

Listen to the full Kakophonos episode below:


River’s Heart Chapter One PREVIEW


My second novel, River’s Heart, is turning out to be a whopper of a novel–for me, anyway.  From what I can tell, River’s Heart will be 2-3 times as long as Forever Fifteen, which clocks in at about 75,000 words.  River’s Heart is similar to Forever Fifteen: plot-wise, it features a female vampire protagonist frozen as a teenager.  In the case of River’s Heart, however, the vampire does not grow up in Europe.  Instead, she is a survivor from the Kickapoo nation, the tribes of Indians who used to live in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana before white settlers came.   Continue reading