Special Video Message to Forever Fifteen Fans from Kimberly Steele

Thanks Forever Fifteen fans for given me reasons to spring out of bed in the morning with your sweet emails and awesome reviews! I have taken a break from writing 1000 words a day on Forever Fifteen so I can finish layout and gruntwork on my ILoveMusicTheory Guitar Method series. Thanks for your patience!! In the meantime, please consider reading River’s Heart, I think if you liked Forever Fifteen, you’ll find a lot to like in it.

River’s Heart is about Ann Rivers, a vampire perpetually stuck at age 13 after bearing witness to the destruction of her village and her people when white settlers take over her homeland in late 18th century Illinois. We follow Ann to her modern day life with the Yardie family, where she is a foster child among religious zealots. The Yardies barely cling to their over-mortgaged mansion in suburbia while Ann desperately tries to hide her grisly meals: a homeless man who frequents the Yardies in-home church services, several would-be child molesters at an abandoned cabin in a nearby, less well-to-do suburb. The strained atmosphere of the Yardie’s palatial home is worsened by a foster-father denying his gay sexual-orientation under a thick veneer of Christian armor, a foster mother with unnatural appetites, and a foster sister who is slowly starving herself to death. Ann makes unlikely friends and falls in love with her teenage foster brother Tyler in her tense environment. Ann’s murderous Rage and bittersweet memories of her old Indian village life begin to catch up with her as bullies prey on her newfound friends. She begins to cross the line, destroying the bullies who torment her and her friends. As the tenuous family life of the Yardies begins to disintegrate, Ann struggles to suppress her inner monster. However, not all monsters come with the predicament of vampirism…

Again, thanks for your constant support of my indie writing career, your heartwarming emails, and all of the “Twilight sucks compared to you” quips, Forever Fifteen fans are the light of my life.

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  1. mike n. durschmid says:

    wow, kim, just looking at your web site as im sounding the alarm about the Artic apple comment period… You are so prolific… i just watched the vid about forever 15 and the teenage vamp…

    btw… whaen is our next vegan potluck… and or gmo public policy event at your place… lol…

    talk soon

    mike d

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